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About HBOT


Although HBOT has been used for many years worldwide for a variety of applications. The findings for its use still remains uncertain, meaning, it is not proven by, “prospective clinical experiment or trial by control”, which is the greatest form of evidence today’s conventional standards of medicine consider. 
It is not suggested that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is given as the intention of it being a cure, prevention, or diagnosis for any disease or health condition. Our bodies are all different, therefore, there is no guarantee that similar results will show or be experienced by another person and improvements very.
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  Hyperbaric Therapy uses modern technology to increase the air pressure around you, in a controlled and safe environment.  Under pressure the body’s absorption rate of greater amounts of oxygen, dissolves into the bloodstream.
  Your blood carries oxygen throughout your body.  
This helps fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.  
  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions take between 60-90 minutes, where upon you can sit back and relax, read a book or as we are low pressure of 1.3ATA, and using concentrated oxygen, you are also allowed use of electrical devices such as phone/tablet.
Please allow 20 minutes extra on top of your session time, this is to compensate the pressurisation, and depressurisation of the chamber. 
  Our chamber is adapted for 2 persons, to accommodate  children accompanied by an adult, if required. 
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Your first visit must be booked from Mon to Fri due to the working hours to qualifying persons approval before therapy.

Your Visit


Always consult a doctor about you health condition, before undertaking HBOT
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What to expect during your Therapy?
Before taking your first session, we require you to book a consultation.  
  Once inside the chamber, it will be fully zip fastened, from the outside by the assistant.
 The Pressure of the chamber will then begin to raise to 1.3ATA (atmospheres absolute), this takes around 10 minutes and will remain at this level for the duration of your chosen session (60-90 minutes).
  Concentrated Oxygen of 93% is delivered through a headset for you to consume throughout the treatment. 
 During the Pressurisation and Depressurisation, some effects can occur, a feeling similar as when you are on a plane landing. This is easily reduced by yawning or swallowing.  If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable during the procedure there is a intercom to talk to the assistant outside.
  Once the session comes to an end and Depressurisation starts, you are to remain seated until told by the assistant.

How To Prepare For Your Session


Please kindly be aware that all appointments must have a minimum of
48 hours notice if you wish to cancel.
No Fee for Advance Cancellation, 100% NO-SHOW FEE.
When booking, we require a deposit, this will be deducted on the day
of the visit from your final payment, after the session has been performed.
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Mandatory Consultation will be taken before your first HBOT session.


• It is recommended that you do not smoke, drink caffeine or carbonated drinks for at least 3 hours before your session, as these constrict the effectiveness of the therapies support.

• If possible, wear loose comfortable clothing as you will be in the chamber for 60–90 minutes.

• Please wear socks.

• Preferably, NO Perfume or anything heavily scented.

• Contact lenses have to be removed before therapy as they can’t be under pressure. 

• If you’re more than 15 minutes late, your session may be cancelled, and you will be considered as a NO-SHOW, with a full payment charged.

Any questions? Please fill out the form and we will get back to you.