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Body Therapy Hyberbaric Oxygen

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Natural & Drug-Free


We Breathe in 21% oxygen with each breath we take and exhale approximately 16% oxygen, and this is transported throughout our body by red blood cells.
With Hyperbaric Therapy, Oxygen is dissolved into other areas such as plasma, cerebral spinal fluid (fluid that is surrounding the brain and spine), the central nervous system fluids, the lymph system and bone.
This allows the Oxygen to be carried where circulation is blocked by trauma or inflammation. This way, extra oxygen can reach all of the damaged tissue, supporting and accelerating the body’s healing process.
This enhances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduce swelling and allows new blood vessels to grow rapidly into the affected areas.
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Highly recommend...professional and friendly service in a nice environment, suppported by excellent advice and consultation from Monika. Im visiting for the effects of Long Covid and the tremors it can cause, initial thoughts are beneficial, will continue treatment. Thank you for your help Monika.

Glyn HughesAppointment at Hatfield

It was my first time and I loved it. Monika is super kind and very likable. Thank you for making me feel warm and welcomed. Also even after 30 mins of HBOT I felt a massive difference. 1. I fell asleep very quickly. 2. Slept well. 3. My low back pain literally disappeared. 4. Noticeably easier to breathe through both nostrils. 5. More energy and awake in the evenings. I cannot wait to have more sessions soon. Many thanks!

Ekaterina CoburnAppointment at Hatfield

Had my first session of HBOT treatment today, Monika is very reassuring and professional, has also given me so much more advice to help me with my Long Covid, looking forward to next session and will recommend 😀

Had a very interesting and informative consultation, with regards to HBOT treatment for long covid syndrome, came away feeling well informed and lifted by thought of relieving symptoms suffered since Jan, would recommend to others.

Mark HollierAppointment at Hatfield

Monika and Mark have been wonderful. I am taking my 3 year old for the HBOT, with children you have so many extra needs. They have been very accommodating and happy to help in all possible ways, that too with a smile on a face. Couldn't write enough kind words for both of their professional, kind, considerate attitude. Very happy and our son is improving with the therapy!!!!! Thanks Monika nad Mark.

Arcane Kulkarni-MendesAppointment at Hatfield

Where do I start, I go in every week for my session, I have done this about 4 months and a half and had a miraculously quick recovery from a varicose ulcer. The staff has been most helpful providing me extended knowledge and advice on how to proceed reason for such a successful recovery. I'm all better now but my journey with hyperbaric at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is something I intend to carry on doing for a long time. Monika is one of the most positive people I've ever met, she goes the extra mile for every single client and with time I've found a friend for life in her.

Daniela HeteaAppointment at Hatfield

Thank you so much Monika for your knowledge, patience and amazing therapy!!

Elisha TomlinsonAppointment at Hatfield

Monika is amazing! She is an Angel! She is so welcoming and caring she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. She is full of knowledgeable and I love that! I have the chamber once a week as I have endometriosis. I was suffering with pain all the time, sluggishness and constantly tired and now I do not have any pain and have much more energy! I've had 5 now and will not give up this is part of my journey now. Thank you so much Monika!!

Kylie YildizAppointment at Hatfield

I suffer from age related macular degeneration. My right eye had a grey mist in the centre, and vision was distorted and dark. After 8 sessions of this therapy, the grey mist has gone, distortion has gotten better but not quite gone yet. Hopefully by continuing with this therapy my vision will continue to improve. Also in both eyes everything has gotten brighter. I am really happy with the progress and the service I have been provided with Monika so far.

Lila BlowAppointment at Hatfield

An incredibly friendly and reassuring service.

Carol SteelAppointment at Hatfield

Monika truly cares. The times I've been to see my GP with no resolution, to then see Monika who'd spend hours researching trying to help. I do believe that if I was more consistent with the oxygen therapy I'd see better results, but I work too much to fit it in regularly, however I do feel "clearer" after a session. If you're unsure whether to go ahead, speak to Monika, she's a legend.

Karen BishopAppointment at Hatfield
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